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About commercial dishwashers

hotel industrial dishwasher machineCommercial dishwasher is suitable for commercial use of the dishwasher, generally used in hotels, restaurants, dining room, etc., which is characterized by high temperature, disinfection, high intensity, short-term treatment. At present, there are hood-type dishwasher, basket-style dishwasher, with conveyor-type dishwasher and washing drying of one machine.
1. Save labor, greatly reduce the labor force, improve work efficiency;
2. Can be turned design, the site requirements are more relaxed;
3. Lower noise, cleaning speed is fast, compared with the ordinary dishwasher only needs 1/5 of the time;
4.Water consumption is very small, low power, low cost cleaning; a 800w of the “knife”, can be washed by the “no water” treatment, to facilitate the cleaning of disinfection drying, play a fast drying role.

The convenience of the dishwasher makes life even more wonderful!

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