4-hot plates range2

4 hot plates range electric

4 hot plates range electric

4 hot plates range electric



Model XR700-TT-4 XR700-TT-4E
Description With electric oven With cabinet base
Dimension 700*750*850mm 700*750*850mm
Nozzel orifice N/A N/A
Burner rating N/A N/A
Electric loading 14kW 9.2kW
Power supply 380V/3N/50Hz 380V/3N/50Hz
Weight 130kg 108kg






1.4 separately controlled 2.6kw plates

2.EGO hot plates fit 1/1 size GN pan

3.On/Off indicator shows working status

4.Durable stainless steel structure

5.Precise thermostat with temperature range from 50℃ to 320℃

6.Deep-drop burner plate with leakage-prove

7.Stainless steel front, sides, kick plate and landing ledge

8.Electric oven base and cabinet base are optional

9.Oven controls protected from heat in an insulated side compartment

10.Stainless steel legs with adjustable feet




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