304# stainless steel 4/5/6/7 layers commercial chocolate fountain,wedding catering equipment


chocolate foutain machinewhat's the feature of our chocolate fountain



1.With digital display panel,temperature control is more accurate and easy.

2. Lower noise with professional motor

3.Using new generation heat mode, chocolate can melt quickly and automatically, heat stably, never destroy the ingredient of chocolate.

4.Easy to operate and clean as well as install.

5.Material: Full 304# stainless steel.

6. Works 12hours continuously

7.Adopt advanced abrasion resistance of tight,so it has work out the problem of leakage basically.

8. Rubber righ seal avoid any chocolate leak

commercial chocolate fountain


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  • Hello, guest
  • Hi I want to buy one of this machine for try out in my catering business. Would you please contact me regarding the price and shipping to Pakistan. Thanks 
  • Hello, I am opening a company in London and starting work on June 1st. I want to offer chocolate fountains in addition to my services. I would present it at balloon events, but I would also offer to sell a chocolate fountain machine. Can we achieve cooperation and in what way? I would first order a chocolate fountain to try and then put on my web advertisement and a presentation offer as well as a machine offer. Please send me information.Best Cherry
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