2016 Hot Sale Commercial Automatic Donut Machine

2016 Hot Sale Commercial Automatic Donut Machine




  Model   Power   Voltage  capacity    Dimension   packing size Certification   N.W.   G.W.
(electric and gas)
 6000W  220V/50Hz  300-1200PCS/H  105*60*85cm  110*68*62cm  CE  58kg  80kg
( gas)
40W DC or AC 300-1200PCS/H  105*60*85cm 110*68*62cm  CE 54kg 78kg




1.Stainless steel donuts machine.
2. Full-automatic: molding, blanking, frying and outputting
3. Oil temperature and conveyor speed are adjustable
4. Three moulds for making different sizes of donuts
5.Easy to operate&clean. High efficiency and stable performance


Note: the machine with three sets of mould, full stainless steel material, fully automatic with automatic counting system, tank track technology, chain conveyor cake technology, can use electricity, gas together or apart, ac, dc a key switch, durable.

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