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200L dough mixer kneader

200L dough mixer kneader

200L dough mixer kneader




Model HS200L
Rated voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 5/7.5kW
Rated input power 10kW
Hydraulic motor power 1.5kW
Bowl volume 200L
Max kneading capacity 75kg
Mixing speed 180/90r/min
N.W. 975kg
Dimensions 1640*1100*1700mm
Bowl speed 17kg






1. The machine adopts the reasonable design process, new layout design of the appearance, support 110V-380V, 50/60Hz voltage to use.

2. This machine is easy to control, the mixing blenders can be separated from the bowl, and it can take the bowl down by ourselves, easy to clean.

3. In addition, it is equipped with several material barrels, which can save time, and suit for repeated using.

4. This machine is a new technology breakthrough in the design, to solve the technical problems of the industry unresolved of which single phase voltage is not enough force for mixing flour.

5. Therefor, it solve the problem of the unstable motor that cause high temperature of the motor, ensure the application of life of the machine.

6. It is the ideal food processing machine now. What’s more, the part where contact the food directly is all using stainless steel, in line with the state of the health standard. The product is suitable for manufacturing bread and stirring food, etc.

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