1 group espresso coffee machine 4L

1 group espresso coffee machine 4L

1 group espresso coffee machine 4L

1 group espresso coffee machine 4L



Model CM-6.1
Voltage 230V/50Hz
Power 2000W
Boiler capacity 4L
Dimension 430*545520mm
Packing size 505*630*680mm
N.W. 42kg
G.W. 46kg





1. Original Italian water pump, flow meter and solenoid valve.

2. S.steel front and top panel / Toasted powder coating.

3. In-built rotary pump with balanced by-pass.

4. Dual boiler system / Steam generator and coffee brewingseperated.

5. Automatic controled system. Continuous delivery push-button.

6. Electric heating with safety thermostat.

7. Steady 9 bar coffee brewing, 90.5°C temperature.

8. 1 group: 1 steam outlet, 1 coffee brewing holder, 1 water outlet.

9. Group with pre-infusion chamber for the best extraction of coffee

10. Over heat protection system, over pressure protection system.




product detail

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Q1. How long to make a cup of coffee?

A1. About 15 seconds.


Q2. How many cups of coffee can be made in a minute?

A2. About 4 cups.


Q3. What’s the wearing parts of this machine?

A3. Switch and water tower aprons.


Q4. How many degrees of the water and the steam should used?

A4. The water is 90℃, the steam is 100℃.


Q5. What color of steam?

A5. White.



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